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Analyse your site each month for free with CrawlForMe

Tracking broken links is a hard work and needs to be repeated frequently !

This is why the trial mode of CrawForMe has been extended and allows you to test your site more regularly. In addition to the 1000 links received when registering, you now will have a maximum of 1000 credits each month for analysing your site. On the first of each month, your account will be credited up to 1000 credits.

CrawlForMe Tarification

CrawlForMe Tarification


This new trial mode is accompanied by some limitations. The number of sites is limited to two and the use of advanced features such as definition of ignored links, access to secure pages and setting cookies values are only available for prenium users.

Create your trial account

Go to your CrawlForMe account or create a new one, define a recurring task for your website (weekly, monthly, etc.) and say goodbye to your broken links forever !

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