A great new feature : The error inspector

Major improvements ​​in the online report

Since the opening of CrawlFoMe a few months ago, the development team has woked hard to improve CrawlForMe and to make it more user friendly. We are proud to annonce you major improvements made ​​in the online report.

The CrawlForMe inspector

No more time lost to search error links in your code, CrawlForMe allows you to access the errors in the source code directly from your report. By clicking on the source link of your error in the report, the CrawlForMe inspector opens with the error highlighted in the html source code.
Your only job is to correct the error, one more example of the Just “Not” Do It By Yourself concept of CrawlFoMe

The inspector

New report filters

To make your report even more interactive and user friendly, we have also developped useful filters.
Page jump, filters on error code, Mime Type or error cause, will help you to analyse your report and save time.


Go to CrawlForMe and discover our new report with the inspector.

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