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CrawlForMe is full UTF8 Compliant


A Full UTF8 Web Crawler

If your website contains some texts and links in a language with special characters.
If your website is translated into japanese, arabic or bengali .

CrawlForMe has been developped for you !
With its full UTF8 compliant web crawler, CrawlForMe will help you to monitor and improve your website in every language. into japonese into japonese

A report with all links

Your CrawlForMe report will contain all links regardless of the language, characters or encoding of your website.

Example of report with japanese

Report for lelouvre.jr/jp/


Example of report with arabic

With arabic


With CrawlForMe, its report and link inspector, you have all the tools to monitor your website everywhere in the world.
The CrawlForMe Team

A WordPress Plugin for CrawlForMe

A WordPress Plugin


Owner of a website developed with WordPress, CrawlForMe has a good news for you.

CrawlForMe is now available in WordPress through a brand new plugin !
With this plugin, you will be able to launch crawls and consult results and reports directly from your WordPress Admin Page.

Consult our plugin page and install the CrawlForMe WordPress plugin in your website.

Easy to use

Install the plugin in your WordPress, create your account and receive the result of your crawl directly in your WordPress Admin Page.
The plugin contains also quick links to useful pages of the CrawlForMe website and the possibility to launch on demand crawls.

CrawlForMe plugin

The CrawlForMe screen in WordPress

Two crawls by month

As good news never comes alone, each account created through the WordPress plugin will receive 2 on demand crawls each month.
Thanks to the CrawlForMe WordPress plugin, your website will nevermore contains broken links.

Enjoy our plugin !
The CrawlForMe Team

A brand new website for CrawlForMe

The CrawlForMe Team is proud to announce you the launch of the new website.

A brand new design

Design has been completely reworked, informative pages and support have changed, colors has been introduced. All these improvements allow us to offer to our customers a more user-friendly and efficient website.

New design

Same features and services but with a brand new design

New Design, same features

The site layout changes but not the heart of CrawlForMe. Crawler engine , detection of broken links, modules remain the same and allow CrawlForMe to provide prowerful website integrity analysis and easy to use services.

Try and adopt it

More colors, more ergonomic, more information and support you will quickly adopt this new version.
Sign in, launch your first crawl, discover the new website and let CrawlForMe find broken links into your site.
For any questions or feedback, contact us !

Best wishes for 2014
Happy Crawling
The CrawlForMe Team

The new CrawlForMe Tarification Plans

New tarifications

Our greatest concern is to provide the best service to our customers, this is why we have greatly reviewed our tarification. The new plans better fits the needs of the customers and allow to exactly know the monthly cost to use the CrawlFroMe services. No surprise and more frequent crawls !

Buying a plan allows to the customer to crawl frequently one or more websites during a selected period with a maximum amount of analyzed links. Options and limits are related to the chosen Plan.


You will find more details about the new plans in the CrawlForMe website. Go direct to the Pricing page.

Four plans

Four plans are available according to your needs :

  • Trial : To discover
  • Normal : For a small or medium size website
  • Big Data: For a client with multiple or huge websites
  • Agency : Especially for agencies and clients with a large amount of websites

Discover the four plans

Better protection

With our new plan, your websites will be better protected and more often checked.
If you have questions about your account or about our new tarification plans, please contact us.

We hope you will enjoy our new services.
The CrawlForMe team

October new features (2) : Comment your reports

Our second summer development will allow you to annotate your report and interact with our support team directly from your report.

The Comment Feature : your reports become even more interactive

  • You want to annotate your report with the result of your investigation ?
  • You have a question to send to the CrawlForMe Support Team ?
  • You want to initiate a conversation with the CrawlForMe Support Team directly from the report ?

The new report comment feature answers to all of these needs.

In your report you now will be able to

  • Annotate your reports for you, your clients or your colleagues
  • Ask a question to the CrawlForMe Support Team directly from the report and receive the answer in the report
  • Receive tips to improve and optimize your crawls and reports
  • Be alerted by email when the support answers your question or gives you tips
Click to view the comments

Click to view the comments

The comments, questions and answers

The comments, questions and answers associated with the report

Enjoy the new interactivity of your report !

The CrawlForMe Development Team

October new features (1) : The report comparator

During this sunny summer the CrawlForMe development team has worked hard to deliver you two great new features.
The first one is a very useful reports comparator.

The Report Comparator : a simple and quick way to monitor the changes in your website

• Your monthly reports are slightly different each month and you want to know why ?
• Links appear, disappear and sometimes change of status in your reports and you want to check only the differences ?

CrawlForMe have the solution for you with the new report comparator feature.

Select two CrawlForMe reports, launch the comparator process, and you will get a complete report with all those information.
In the well know CrawlForMe report template, you will have a good overview of the new, missing and modified resources between the two compared reports.


Select the reports and click on the compare button

Comparator report filter on the new Resources

Comparator report filter on the New Resources

Modified resources

Comparator report filter on the modified resource

Try the comparator on your reports and send us your feedback.
You will discover the second feature in the following post.

Happy Crawling on CrawlForMe

The CrawlForMe development team

CrawlForMe Best Tools (1) :

Web-Sniffer, the quick and easy request analyser

In this blog, we want to share with you tips and tools that help us in our daily work.
The first tool selected is Web-sniffer .

Web-sniffer is a small online tool that allow you to view request and response header of a HTTP connection, HTTP status codes and HTML source. It is a quick and easy way to check the response code of an request, to understand a cascade of redirection or to view the HTML content of the response.

A question about a status code or a redirection in your CrawlForMe report ?
Web-sniffer will give you useful information to understand.
But of course you can also contact the CrawlForMe team and we will give you an answer as soon as possible.

See you soon on CrawlForMe !, the ‘broken website’

A test website

The best way to discover CrawlForMe and all its functionalities is to use it on a ‘broken website’. It’s why we have developed the test website

On, you will find useful information about crawling, HTTP status codes and robots.txt. But the site also contains broken links and missing resources (picture, js or css). These resources generate various kind of errors in the demo report.


Discover the report functionalities

A demo report for the test site described hereabove has been generated by CrawlForMe. We invit you to open this report and discover the great functionalities of the CrawlForMe online report on a ‘broken website’ :

  • Error, Successfull, Redirected and Ignored tabs containing all checked links with useful information
  • Error inspector with error links highlighted in your source code
  • Search filters to quickly analyse data
  • CSV exports

But if you prefer to test the entire process, feel free to register, and launch a crawl of by yourself, you’ll see how easy it is !

CheckMyBrokenLinks demo report

A great new feature : The error inspector

Major improvements ​​in the online report

Since the opening of CrawlFoMe a few months ago, the development team has woked hard to improve CrawlForMe and to make it more user friendly. We are proud to annonce you major improvements made ​​in the online report.

The CrawlForMe inspector

No more time lost to search error links in your code, CrawlForMe allows you to access the errors in the source code directly from your report. By clicking on the source link of your error in the report, the CrawlForMe inspector opens with the error highlighted in the html source code.
Your only job is to correct the error, one more example of the Just “Not” Do It By Yourself concept of CrawlFoMe

The inspector

New report filters

To make your report even more interactive and user friendly, we have also developped useful filters.
Page jump, filters on error code, Mime Type or error cause, will help you to analyse your report and save time.


Go to CrawlForMe and discover our new report with the inspector.

1000 credits per month with your free account

Analyse your site each month for free with CrawlForMe

Tracking broken links is a hard work and needs to be repeated frequently !

This is why the trial mode of CrawForMe has been extended and allows you to test your site more regularly. In addition to the 1000 links received when registering, you now will have a maximum of 1000 credits each month for analysing your site. On the first of each month, your account will be credited up to 1000 credits.

CrawlForMe Tarification

CrawlForMe Tarification


This new trial mode is accompanied by some limitations. The number of sites is limited to two and the use of advanced features such as definition of ignored links, access to secure pages and setting cookies values are only available for prenium users.

Create your trial account

Go to your CrawlForMe account or create a new one, define a recurring task for your website (weekly, monthly, etc.) and say goodbye to your broken links forever !