A WordPress Plugin for CrawlForMe

A WordPress Plugin


Owner of a website developed with WordPress, CrawlForMe has a good news for you.

CrawlForMe is now available in WordPress through a brand new plugin !
With this plugin, you will be able to launch crawls and consult results and reports directly from your WordPress Admin Page.

Consult our plugin page and install the CrawlForMe WordPress plugin in your website.

Easy to use

Install the plugin in your WordPress, create your account and receive the result of your crawl directly in your WordPress Admin Page.
The plugin contains also quick links to useful pages of the CrawlForMe website and the possibility to launch on demand crawls.

CrawlForMe plugin

The CrawlForMe screen in WordPress

Two crawls by month

As good news never comes alone, each account created through the WordPress plugin will receive 2 on demand crawls each month.
Thanks to the CrawlForMe WordPress plugin, your website will nevermore contains broken links.

Enjoy our plugin !
The CrawlForMe Team

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