A brand new website for CrawlForMe

The CrawlForMe Team is proud to announce you the launch of the new website.

A brand new design

Design has been completely reworked, informative pages and support have changed, colors has been introduced. All these improvements allow us to offer to our customers a more user-friendly and efficient website.

New design

Same features and services but with a brand new design

New Design, same features

The site layout changes but not the heart of CrawlForMe. Crawler engine , detection of broken links, modules remain the same and allow CrawlForMe to provide prowerful website integrity analysis and easy to use services.

Try and adopt it

More colors, more ergonomic, more information and support you will quickly adopt this new version.
Sign in, launch your first crawl, discover the new website and let CrawlForMe find broken links into your site.
For any questions or feedback, contact us !

Best wishes for 2014
Happy Crawling
The CrawlForMe Team

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