October new features (1) : The report comparator

During this sunny summer the CrawlForMe development team has worked hard to deliver you two great new features.
The first one is a very useful reports comparator.

The Report Comparator : a simple and quick way to monitor the changes in your website

• Your monthly reports are slightly different each month and you want to know why ?
• Links appear, disappear and sometimes change of status in your reports and you want to check only the differences ?

CrawlForMe have the solution for you with the new report comparator feature.

Select two CrawlForMe reports, launch the comparator process, and you will get a complete report with all those information.
In the well know CrawlForMe report template, you will have a good overview of the new, missing and modified resources between the two compared reports.


Select the reports and click on the compare button

Comparator report filter on the new Resources

Comparator report filter on the New Resources

Modified resources

Comparator report filter on the modified resource

Try the comparator on your reports and send us your feedback.
You will discover the second feature in the following post.

Happy Crawling on CrawlForMe

The CrawlForMe development team

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