CrawlForMe checks your
website starting from URL seeds
and gives you a complete report.
Use the report to correct broken
links and missing resources
Once corrected, your website will get
an improved ranking and give
a better user experience

CrawlForMe checks your websites and verifies all dead links, missing pictures, obsolete documents and broken URL redirects.

  1. Powerful website checker
  2. Link validator with helpful correction assistant
  3. Highly configurable crawler
  4. Statistics and shared reports

From Ready-to-use to Tailor-made.

CrawlForMe is an online ready-to-use software (SAAS), compatible with any OS. It enables you to generate e-mail alerts, schedule tasks and crawl secured websites.

CrawlForMe can be enhanced (SAAP) with custom features (keyword counting for SEO, sitemap generation, find and replace function, etc.) thanks to our development team.

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