Choose one of our online plans as listed below or contact us for more information regarding our tailor-made services

Trial Free Normal 10€ / month or 100€ / year Big Data 50€ / month or 500€ / year Agency 200€ / month or 2,000€ / year
Scheduled crawl None Weekly Daily Daily
On demand crawl 2 2 / month 10 / month 20 / month
Websites 1 1 5 100
Max resources 5,000 25,000 150,000 200,000
Users 1 2 5
Basic parameters
Protected pages
Customized reports
Compare report
Resource types filter
Ignored links
Cookie management
Forms management
Crawl speed
Protocol consistency
Report branding
PRICE: Free 10€ / month or 100€ / year 50€ / month or 500€ / year 200€ / month or 2,000€ / year

We also provide tailor-made services such as:

  • Consultancy for more effective crawl settings
  • Development of custom functionalities

All packages come with these standard features

Crawl settings

You can select the resources you want to analyze thanks to resource type filtering, activate or deactivate external link checks and redirect following.

Scheduled analysis

Schedule a daily check of your website for better technical maintenance, and a professional SEO follow-up.

Functional reports

Reports list all your broken links of all types, missing resources, etc. You may share, compare and comment on reports.
You will receive a summary of the report via e-mail after each crawl.

Crawl optimization

You may also customize analysis depth, check for consistent protocol (HTTP/HTTPS), user-agent checks and language request checks.

HTML spotting

Directly spot where the broken link appears in HTML source code.

Detailed statistics

Reports provide a visual summary of dead link distribution (status, redirection, MIME types, size, HTTP code, etc).

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